Welcome to Tanom Motors

Tanom Motors was created five years ago to fulfill Sandy Hall’s vision for a high-quality, high-performance reverse-trike vehicle with unparalleled styling, comfort, safety and ease of operation. Tanom named this vehicle the “Invader”. Perfecting the Invader to exceed consumer expectations, it underwent four engineering development evolutions as it was displayed at automobile and motorcycle forums including four SEMA Shows, Formula One events, Daytona Beach Biketoberfest, and local car and motorcycle shows. Over the past five years, Tanom has developed a large following of devoted fans awaiting the release of the Invader. With the completion of Federal testing, we are proud to have released the Invaders to our initial dealers in what is a growing network.

We, at Tanom, are excited to welcome you to Tanom Motors and our Invader product line that will set the standard for vehicle quality, performance and just plain excitement in the rapidly growing three-wheeled vehicle marketplace. This enclosed format, with a permanent fixed roof, also currently allows all the Invader models, with the exception of the TR-3, to be driven in 45 States without a helmet; and in States with Autocycle legislation, without a motorcycle endorsement. Our goal is simple – we want to exceed your expectations by providing an incredible ownership experience with unparalleled safety and quality in product and customer service. The Invader is built with pride in the United States of America.

Invader TC-3 Coupe

Invader Limited Edition

Invader TC-3


Invader TR-3

Invader Type-R Stage 1

Invader Type-R Stage 2