About Tanom Motors

About Tanom Motors

Tanom Motors, the premier domestic vehicle manufacturer of High Performance Reverse Trikes (HPRT), is committed to producing the highest quality vehicles, accessories and apparel available in the specialty vehicle market. The Tanom Invader TC-3 and TR-3, the first two performance vehicles from Tanom Motors, mark the convergence of the Automobile and Motorcycle into one unique vehicle. Led by Sandy Hall and Dave Young, Tanom Motors is on the verge of something spectacular.

Tanom is the first manufacturer to be located in the Commonwealth of Virginia with a 55,000 SF assembly plant located in the heart of Culpeper. Tanom Motors envisions creating a motorcycle that would accommodate the average American male but would also appeal to women and people of all ages.


Sandy Hall

Sandy Hall from Tanom MotorsOver the past 30 years, Sandy has enjoyed a career growing businesses in three diverse markets: commercial real estate construction and development; health club industry; and motorcycle manufacturing.

Commercial Real Estate Construction and Development

Sandy has worked in commercial construction for 30 years. He initially performed as project manager and superintendent, on various public and privately owned projects, gaining knowledge and business contacts. In 1994, Sandy started Taft Construction, which has been extremely successful in developing municipal buildings, office buildings, retail stores, and school renovations.

Taft Construction, under Sandy’s leadership has renovated and leased over 100,000 square feet of downtown historic Culpeper, Virginia properties. For this, Culpeper Renaissance presented Sandy the prestigious Chuck Ryan Award for his untiring efforts to preserve historic Culpeper.

Sandy partnered with Dave Young and three other individuals in Miranda Ventures, LLC to develop apartments, restaurants and a banquet facility/hotel in Culpeper, Virginia. Through Taft Construction and Miranda Ventures, Sandy has continued the rebuilding and beautification of historic downtown Culpeper, recently named Best Small Town in Virginia, and one of the top ten Main Streets in America.

Health Clubs

Sandy’s reputation in commercial construction prompted a prominent Gold’s Gyms owner/operator to hire Sandy to renovate one of his clubs. This opportunity has led to Taft becoming widely known as a “go to” firm for building and remodeling health clubs. This led to Sandy getting involved in health club ownership having owned and/or operated 18 health clubs in Wisconsin and Virginia. He was named Gold’s Gyms Franchisee of the Year in 2011. One of his Gold’s Gyms in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was voted one of the top 10 fitness facilities in the nation, in the January 2015 edition of Self Magazine.

Tanom Motors

For his entire life, Sandy has loved all forms of motorcycle and automobile racing, with off-road Baja racing becoming his passion over the past twelve years. He won the Class 5 of the famous Baja 1000 off-road race in 2012, and in 2014, was able to complete the almost 1300 mile race in the Class 1 Baja 1000 race, which was in partnership with M3 Racing. His love of racing inspired Sandy’s vision for a high performance, reverse-trike that evolved into the Tanom Motors Invader.

Three-wheeled vehicles have been on the market for some time, Sandy believes that a highly styled and finished reverse-trike with side-by-side seating will be very successful with not only performance bike enthusiasts, but also baby boomers, women, and people with physical impairments who love to ride, but are not comfortable with the balance, stability and strength required by two-wheeled motorcycles.

Over the past five years, Sandy has led the Design Team in the development of the Tanom Invader. In 2010, Sandy asked Dave Young to join him at Tanom Motors as a co-owner and CFO. As Tanom is commencing production, the demand for three-wheeled vehicles in general, and specifically high performance reverse-trike vehicles, is growing rapidly. Sandy intends for Tanom to be the leader in the field, and the Invader is the high-quality, high performance vehicle that will get us there. Together with Dave, Sandy is working to create a line of Invader vehicles that will change the motorsport industry.

Dave Young

Dave Young from Tanom MotorsAfter serving in the U. S. Coast Guard, Dave has enjoyed a gratifying career in growing businesses in three diverse markets: Defense engineering services; commercial real estate development; and motorcycle manufacturing.

In 39 years of providing Defense engineering services to the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, DOD, and the Intelligence Community, Dave has performed virtually every management role found in a Defense services business. He has been principally involved in four mergers and acquisitions, and has served in senior leadership roles including Chairman, CEO and President for a total of six publicly traded or privately held corporations in the government services business sector.

In early 2009, Dave started Miranda Ventures, LLC with Sandy Hall and three other individuals to pursue interests in developing commercial real estate including apartments, restaurants, and a banquet facility/hotel in Culpeper, Virginia.

In 2010, Dave joined Sandy Hall at Tanom Motors as a co-owner and CFO. Dave works closely with Sandy in all aspects of the business, with particular emphasis on financing, marketing, Dealer relations, and federal compliance and testing of the Invaders. Dave shares Sandy’s vision for the Invader. The demand for three-wheeled vehicles in general, and specifically high performance reverse-trike vehicles is growing rapidly. As part of Tanom, Dave was invited to sit on the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles working group for three-wheeled vehicles. As part of that group, Dave participated in the drafting of Virginia’s Autocycle legislation which went into effect July 1, 2014.

Being a part of Tanom, and having the opportunity to drive the high performance Invaders, Dave has developed an enthusiasm for racing. He occasionally travels to the Baja in Mexico to participate in off-road racing with Sandy’s No Limits race team.

Dave and his wife, Carol, have a long-standing interest in philanthropy and furthering the education of young people. Dave serves as Director and past Chairman the Board of Directors of the Community Foundation for Northern Virginia, a thirty-five year old public foundation focused on poverty relief, education, youth, aging, and the military and their families. He also sits on the Board of Trustees for Highland School in Warrenton, Virginia where he also serves as its Treasurer and Chairman of the Finance Committee.