Tanom Invader

Universal Design and Performance Features Found in All Invader Models

All models of the Tanom® Motors Invader take the reverse trike motorcycle to a new level, by blending superfast, supercar looks into a state of the art vehicle with comfortable side-by-side seating, awesome performance, and comfort that is second to none. All Invader models have the following design and performance features:

  • Suzuki Haybusa® Gen 2 power plant, delivering 197 hp; Suzuki six-speed sequential transmission; and an easy to operate proprietary mechanical reverse gear
  • Generous passenger compartment with full safety glass windshield; adjustable side-by-side seating; 3-point safety belt restraints; tilt steering; and adjustable pedal box to accommodate a broad size range of drivers and passengers
  • One-and-a-half-inch tubular steel chassis concealed by stylish composite body panels with fine fit and finish that are a testament to the power underneath
  • Super wide (18 ½”) rear tire and custom aluminum swing arm
  • Unparalleled performance and handling. Dependent on gearing: 0 to 60 in 3.5 to 4 seconds, and a top end in the 135 to 160 mph range make the Invader a choice of those who appreciate a vehicle designed and built with quality and performance
  • Large capacity fuel cell located behind the passenger compartment
  • Superior sports car-like handling with forged front suspension featuring Elka Shocks; The Invader offers riders a Formula One sound and open air cruising. A merger of the best features of sport car and motorcycle that will demand attention wherever you go
  • Stability and handling of a fine sports car without the instability, balance and strength challenges of a motorcycle lends itself to people who no longer feel comfortable on a two wheel motorcycle, many women, and people with physical limitations
  • Many standard amenities including power point, cup holders, side storage compartments, eight standard paint schemes, Elka suspension, Suzuki exhaust package, Momo steering wheel, touring seats, and black wheel package. These, along with several model-specific options, make the Invader perfect for a weekend getaway, day trip with friends or quick run to the store

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Invader TC-3


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